ROMA wants to change the way the world uses paints. There is a lack of awareness of building products and materials impact to human and environmental health. There is a growing movement in the green building industry to create products that will be healthier and cleaner. Paint has been an elusive product because manufacturers have convinced legislators, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and others that it can only achieve a certain level of clean or natural products.

There are no set standards on what a good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) score is and when they do get recommended, they often get changed to fit the parameters of what is achievable vs. what is good.

All of this sets the stage for consumers to have little understanding of what truly is organic, eco-friendly or green in the paint and coating industry. We want to change this understanding.

We provide full disclosure and radical transparency for our product content. Full disclosure means we will not green-wash you with false or misleading information. We will tell you if we have solvents, VOC’s, asthmagens, PEGs, PGs, formaldehyde, lower ozone pollutants, or upper ozone pollutants in our paints, and we will tell you how much. We will provide you with scientific certifications that will support our claim of non-toxic, zero VOC and TVOC content. We hide no toxic information from you. We are full disclosure. This is the only way things will change.

Learn More about ROMA’s Difference and our Scientific Approach.

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