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ROMABIO has provided limewash paints, plasters and mineral paints for some of the country’s best Architects and Interior Designers. The reason for the popularity of our products, especially limewash, is because of the look and feel that can be achieved Interior and Exterior on a variety of surfaces.

Spires 8

This brick home was painted with BioCalce A, an authentic slaked-lime paint sourced from Northern Italy, and it creates a finish that looks established, not newly constructed.  Because the limewash paint was applied to the natural, untouched surface of the brick, the product will continue to strengthen the brick surface by calcifying as it comes in contact with air (CO2) and will require very little maintenance.

Also, there are no ingredients to harm the environment because BioCalce A is Organic, solvent free, prohibits growth of bacteria that forms mold, and absorbs toxins.

Spires 6

A close up of the limewashed brick at the front of the house.

Spires 2

Close up of brick at the main entrance.


The rear entry of the home.

Spires 10 copy

A close-up of the painted brick fireplace.

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