About Us

ROMA Eco-Sustainable Building Technologies was created in 2009 with the idea that paint and architectural coatings products could return to nature and still perform in the modern world.

We use natural, raw materials, unlike acrylic based products that use synthetic petroleum based products, and have created the healthiest, cleanest paints – mineral paints – in the industry without sacrificing beauty or durability.

The History Of Paints

Paints have been used in human habitations for at least 43,000 years and up until the 1850’s were completely compatible with natural ecosystems causing little harm to man or the environment. In the 1850’s, solvents and lead were introduced into paint products to enhance performance.

Then, in the early 1960’s, acrylic or latex paint was introduced into the market to simplify paint application and production bringing with it toxic ingredients including acrylic resins, solvents, mercury, formaldehyde, and biocides.

Our Mission

ROMA’s mission is to create the highest quality paint products with the
lowest negative health and environmental effects possible in the industry, without sacrificing beauty or durability.

Our objective is to replace acrylic and solvent based paints across the globe with our clean, natural, mineral based technology. The positive long-term effects of switching
to our mineral based paint systems are vast and almost incalculable creating a dramatic reduction in toxicity, as well as a cumulative reduction in outdoor VOC and indoor TVOC emissions that contribute to low air quality, depleted ozone levels, and climate change.

There is no regulation that prevents manufacturers from adding many toxic ingredients to paint. It’s time for the industry to change.

ROMA’s Founders

Christopher Lewis

Christopher has lived in Italy for 25 years researching ancient building technologies
as well as being involved in the forefront of passive construction technologies
and alternative energy building systems in Europe. He has over 40 years building
experience and is a pioneer in design techniques for architectural coverings. With his vision and experience, he is often referred to as our “mad scientist”.

Michael Aiken

Michael studied chemistry in college, and then specialized in commercial real estate and finance throughout his career. In a synchronistic fate of timing and opportunity, Michael joined Christopher with his mission. He has used his chemistry and finance background often and brings business and entrepreneur leadership to the team.

Patrizio Betti

Patrizio’s family founded one of the first paint manufacturing facilities in
Florence, Italy 50 years ago and is a chemist specializing in historical coatings
technologies and advanced sciences. For 35 years he has developed and
manufactured state of the art paint technologies. He was instrumental in
developing the first zero VOC paint formula ever manufactured in Europe
for ROMA. He is also known to do the impossible.

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