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Mineral Shield

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Mineral Shield

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Color Description

Mineral Shield is an invisible coating.

Available Sizes

1 GAL.


Product Description

Mineral Shield is an invisible top coating that locks and protects beautiful Romabio mineral paint finishes from natural patina, or weathering created by water. The breathable coating repels water droplets but still allows water vapor to pass through, protecting the painted surface and preventing the growth of algae, moss, and mold. Unlike other products, Mineral Shield will not change the sheen of the finish or texture of the surface, thus preserving the beauty of a Romabio paint application. It protects all lime-based coatings such as Romabio Classico Limewash—from the temporary discoloration that occurs when the surface is wet from rain and water absorption.

  • Prevents the growth of algae, moss, and mold, keeping paint looking clean and fresh
  • Repels water, reducing patina and extending the life of paint and ensuring a longer-lasting finish
  • Invisible, clear coating won’t discolor exterior painted surfaces
  • Significantly reduces staining from clay, dirt and grass

Recommended for exterior paint applications of Romabio paints including Classico Limewash, Lime Slurry, Masonry Flat, and Masonry Textured as well as Uncoated Porous Brick, Stone, Stucco, Concrete, or Other Masonry.

Not recommended for non-porous acrylic coatings or other non-porous surfaces.


1 Coat 1 GAL.  
Square Feet 200- 300


Application Requirements

  • PREP Prepare and clean surface. Surface must be dry to apply.
  • READY TO USE Product comes ready and does NOT need to be diluted
  • COATS 1-2 Coats
  • TOOLS Apply with a brush or garden pump sprayer 
  • DRY TIME 4-8 Hours

This product is awesome. I can see the water droplets on the surface and can tell it will protect anything! We’ve been wanting a waterproofing solution for Romabio lime based products so this is perfect.”

– Superior Finishes

Complementary Products 

Romabio Mineral Shield is a perfect companion product to any of the Romabio Lime or Masonry Paints for the exterior. To protect the beauty of a Classico Limewash application, it is highly recommended to apply Mineral Shield. 

To get rid of any algae or moss naturally, use Romabio Algae and Moss Cleaner first, apply Romabio paint, then apply the Mineral Shield as a topcoat. This process will destroy the roots of the algae and moss and significantly slow down their regrowth. 

Ideal for use on stairs, the bottom portion of walls where the water hits it, and horizontal surfaces. 


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“This product is a game-changer! The water doesn’t soak in. It’s like magic…..I’ll put it on everything!”
-Trent Fancher, Home Renewed

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