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Venetian Glaze

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Available Colors: Bianco White
Color Description

Venetian Glaze is available in custom-tinted colors at your local retailer and available in all of Romabio colors. 
Due to computer processing, actual colors may vary from those shown here.

Available Sizes




Product Description

Venetian Glaze is a versatile, easy-to-apply, authentic Italian slaked lime paint that produces multiple finishes. Create movement and plasterlike effects with a trowel on smooth Interior painted or unpainted drywall. Or, when heavily diluted and brush applied, create veiling effects for color-shifting Exterior or Interior brick, stone, or other absorbent masonry surfaces.

    • Plaster-like movement when troweled on Interior drywall
    • Perfect for Exterior Stone for color shifting stone for a natural look 
    • No odor, Zero-VOC, and environmentally friendly    

Surface Types

Interior pre-painted or unpainted Drywall (MicroGrip Primer);
Absorbent Stone or other Masonry (No Primer); Portland or Gypsum Stucco (MicroGrip Primer)


1 Coat for Interior Drywall 1L/1QT 2.5L/0.67GAL
Square Feet 40-100 100-250


1 Coat for Absorbent Masonry 1L/1QT 2.5L/0.67GAL
Square Feet 160-260 400-650


Application Requirements

  • INTERIOR DRYWALL  First, apply one coat of MicroGrip Primer, let dry overnight, then lightly sand to create uniform surface
    • 1st COAT & 2nd COAT: Apply undiluted or add up to 5% water and use a trowel 
  • STONE OR MASONRY  Surface must be absorbent for a semi-transparent effect; no primer needed
    • APPLY IN 1 COAT: 100% – 300% dilution with a Romabio Masonry Brush
  • See detailed application instructions in the TDS.

Recommended Dilution

100% 500ml  1.25L 
300% 2L 5L 

“Venetian Glaze provides our team with an immense amount of artistic flexibility.
We love working with Romabio products. Their beauty and durability
allow us to turn homes and walls into art for our customers.“

– Simon Streak, Owner
Struttura US

Crafted in Italy

Romabio Paints are Italian-designed mineral paint technologies that have been proven over time, and Venetian Glaze is no exception. A decorative paint that allows you to work it very easily without multiple products giving you a beautiful, authentic finish. Like what you see in Old World Italian villas. 

Environmentally Friendly

Romabio Paints are BIO (bio-logical), made from nature. They are not acrylic or latex paints. They are mineral-based products different than other paints in the industry and are derived from sustainable materials to create a natural, breathable coating.

They go beyond just Zero VOC and are toxin-free, odorless, do not contribute to asthma, and hypoallergenic. You can trust our paint is safe for you, your family, and the environment.


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