Algae and Moss Cleaner

Algae and Moss Cleaner

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Color Description

Algae and Moss cleaner will not discolor your original surface.

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Product Description

Romabio Algae and Moss Cleaner naturally kills algae, moss, and mold at the roots, removing them from exterior surfaces. Unlike other products, it will not discolor surfaces painted with mineral or acrylic paints, and results are long-lasting. The eco-friendly formula is safe to apply and will not cause harm to children, pets, or gardens. Apply to remove and kill the roots of algae, moss, and mold prior to painting and after as needed to maintain the clean look of exteriors.

  • Works on any exterior surface with algae, moss or mold growth 
  • Apply easily with garden pump sprayer or brush
  • Use before or after painting on dry surface 
  • For porous masonry surfaces, use with Romabio Mineral Shield to waterproof and prevent further algae or moss growth 

Surface Type

All Exterior Surfaces


1 Coat 1 GAL.  
Square Feet 200


Application Requirements

  • PREP Surface must be completely dry.
  • COATS 1 Coat
  • TOOLS Apply with a garden pump sprayer or brush. May foam during application.
  • DRY TIME 48-72 Hours
  • REMOVE Rinse remaining debris with water after the cleaner has dried and killed the growth.

“Our front porch had horrible, black algae growing on the brick that wouldn’t come off no matter what we tried. The Algae and Moss Cleaner not only removed all the growth but also will prevent it from coming back. Now my brick looks beautiful again!”
– Jen Fancher, homeowner

Complementary Products

Romabio Algae and Moss Cleaner is the best solution to eradicate your algae and moss growth without using bleach or other toxic cleaners. It can be applied in conjunction with any type of paint application.

For best results and to prevent further growth, apply Romabio Mineral Shield to lock and protect your painted surface on porous masonry surfaces. Algae, moss, and mold tend to grow heavily in areas that water penetrates consistently without the ability to dry and evaporate. Using the Romabio Mineral Shield as a top, invisible coat on your painted, porous surface will repel the water and prevent growth.

Romabio Mineral Shield only works on porous, exterior surfaces. For all other surfaces, apply the Romabio Algae and Moss Cleaner as needed.. 

Environmentally Friendly

Romabio paints are BIO (bio-logical), made from nature. They are mineral based products different than any other paints in the industry and are derived from sustainable materials to create a natural, breathable coating.

Romabio Algae and Moss Cleaner is a safe cleaning solution you can trust. It will not harm your pets or plants. Better than bleach or other harsh chemicals, it will naturally remove the roots of algae, moss, and mold growth.  

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“We don’t get the complaints when we use Romabio paint products as our customers are very happy with the transformation of their house, and we’ve never, not made a customer happy with these products.”
-Daniel Murrey, ServiceFirst Painting

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