A scientifically proven clean, natural &
healthy alternative to acrylic paint.



13 of our paint products have received
the prestigious C2C certification.



All of our claims are backed by
3rd party scientific testing.



Our products do not contribute to asthma,
cancer or Sick Building Syndrome.

Changing the Way the World makes Paints

ROMA paints are mineral paints, the healthy alternative to acrylic paints, completely zero VOC, toxin-free, odorless, asthma-free, and naturally mold-resistant. Different than the acrylic based zero VOC paints in the industry, ROMA’s mineral paints and plasters are made from natural, raw materials manufactured without toxic chemicals that cause Sick Building Syndrome, cancer or asthma. All backed with rigorous 3rd party scientific testing, ROMA’s mineral paints and plasters are the world’s most beautiful, durable and eco-sustainable.

What people are saying about ROMA

Beth Webb
Beth Webb
Interior Designer

I walk in a room where we used ROMA on the walls and it truly looks and feels divergently different from other projects using acrylic paint products due to its light refracting qualities. I can see the difference and my clients do as well! The fact that is a clean, natural, healthy product is just the icing on the cake.

George Swanson
George Swanson
Author of Breathing Walls

ROMA has been our #1 choice. The outstanding improvements in indoor air these products afford are unparalleled in surface coverage, ease of mixing and affordability — literally taking away all the objections to going 100% “petro-free” in the air we breath at home and in our work environments.

Peter Block
Peter Block

ROMA exemplifies the very best in what I consider “real” materials and provide an extra layer of depth in the array of materials that architects and interior designers need to achieve lasting designs of depth and character. ROMA has forever changed the meaning of the word paint.

Mission Statement

Our mission

Our mission is to create the highest quality paint and architectural coating products with the lowest negative health and environmental effects possible in the industry, without sacrificing beauty or durability.

Our objective

Our objective is to replace acrylic and solvent based paints across the globe with our clean, natural, mineral technology. The effect of this would be a dramatic reduction in toxicity, as well as a cumulative reduction in VOC emissions that contribute to poor outdoor and indoor air quality, depleted ozone levels, and climate change.

Our approach

Our approach is a new perspective, a new vision, a new benchmark based on collaboration with nature and not in conflict with nature. It is a vision that allows prosperity to be achieved without doing harm to us or the environment.

Imagine if everyone used ROMA paints, we would change the world’s health, your health, and your family’s health. Help us change the way the world uses paint.