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What's the difference between Organic, Eco-Sustainable & Environmental Low Impact Products?



​Paints and plaster​s labeled with BIO means category Organic, containing at least 90% natural raw materials, and the other 10% of product composed of inert binders and non-toxic chemicals.


Paints and plasters labeled with ECO means category Eco-Sustainable, containing at least 75% natural raw materials, and the other 25% of product is composed of inert binders and non-toxic chemicals.

Environmental Low Impact

​Varnishes, stains, enamels, and specialty products​ ​are​ categorized into Environmental Low Impact​, containing less than 75% natural raw materials​, composed of inert binders, non-toxic chemicals, and could contain ​resin binders.

All Products are free of APEO, PEG, PG, Formaldehyde, Asthmagens & Solvent.

Mission Statement

ROMA Eco-Sustainable Building Technologies has invested years of research in collaboration with biologists and chemists to manufacture architectural coverings to go beyond the scope of just ‘LOW’ or ‘ZERO’ VOC products. Our products are manufactured without chemicals that contribute to ‘SBS’ (Sick Building Syndrome) or cause asthma. Our BIO product line does not damage our ecological systems, and our ECO product line is either Eco-sustainable or low impact. This approach is a new perspective, a new vision, a new benchmark based on collaboration with nature and not in conflict with nature. It is a vision that allows prosperity to be achieved without doing harm to us or the environment.

  • Our Products Do Not Contain
  • APEO (Alkylphenol Ethoxylates)
  • HCHO (Formaldehyde)
  • PEG (Polyethylene Glycol)
  • PG (Propylene Glycol)

Chemicals that can cause asthma:

Perkins+Will Asthma Report

Our products conform to the Kyoto Protocol standards in manufacturing:

Kyoto Protocol From United Nations
Framework Convention

Not only are our products the healthiest products available for homes, schools, businesses and healthcare but they are more durable compared to similar low VOC acrylic products in the marketplace.

Since 2009, we have provided our products engineered for performance and aesthetics to architects, designers and builders of award winning homes and commercial spaces. Our products have been published in magazines, blogs and reviews all over the United States and abroad. Our objective is incredible aesthetic beauty, high durability, low cost and last but not least, zero to low impact on our health and the environment.