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Is your child one of over 8 million children who suffer from Asthma?


We’ve talked about toxic chemicals in acrylic and latex paints before, but now there are two new reports detailing why and how these are linked to asthma.


Last year my daughter was diagnosed with an inflammatory condition and was prescribed an inhaler.  She had a couple of different attacks where she couldn’t breathe and it scared the living daylights out of me.  I instantly went to protective parent mode and wanted to figure out why she was having this and what I could do as a father.  Our doctor told us it was either a reaction to a food or her immediate environment.  Since we didn’t change anything in her diet I wondered if it was her bedding or some new clothes that she got or even carpets or other items in the house. If you think about it, she spends 6 hours at school and probably 14-16 hours at home and the other 2-4 hours out of the house each day.  Since the majority of her time is spent at home – I thought it must be something there.  However, we had an astute doctor and school nurse who both said, “Don’t assume this will be a chronic issue; it could easily clear up.”  Well, we were lucky. It did clear up and she only used her inhaler about 5 times.

However, for over 8 million children they are not as lucky – it is a chronic issue and it does affect their daily lives.


I can only imagine the burden these parents feel considering I had to teach my daughter where her inhaler was at all times, just in case she had an attack where she couldn’t breathe.  At the time, my daughter was 7 but for anyone younger than that this is a huge responsibility just to make sure that they stay alive.

Things have to change.  We want our families and children to live the healthiest lives possible. Your building environments have many chemicals – over 374 – that could lead to asthma.

Even Zero and low VOC paints have been linked to this health issue.


Prevention is the best thing we can do.  If you know anyone who has asthma, share these reports with them and think about what is in your home and environment that you can change this year.



Roma was created with the sole intention of providing products that safeguard human health and sustain a healthy environment for future generations.  We are proud to offer you a comprehensive line of paints and coatings that have none of the chemicals in any of  these reports.  You can find out more here on why to buy our paints.

Here’s to a healthy 2014,


“When people doubt that we can improve health outcomes, we’re going to show them the drawers of unused asthma inhalers in green schools.”
-Rick Fedrizzi, USGBC
President and CEO, Plenary Address, GreenBuild 2012

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