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··········   March 28th, 2012   ·········· defines wellbeing as a good or satisfactory condition of existence; a state characterized by health, happiness and prosperity.

A google search for “wellbeing” gave me lots of links to yoga sites, spas and mental health doctors.  I have never left any of the above facilities without spending at least $100.  What if you could achieve well being in your own home, every day?

ROMA Mineral based paints are a good place to start because they are 100% natural.  They are made from a chemical reaction between earth, heat, air and water and once painted onto a surface, as they come in contact with air, they harden, returning to their natural state, only more crystalline.  There are no toxic chemicals added during the process.  Due to the nature of these paints, they are able to improve the indoor air quality because they feed on CO2 as opposed to O2 (oxygen).

What is the first thing you smell when you walk into a freshly painted room?  The  paint on the walls surrounding you.  Even when you can’t smell the paint anymore, it is still there doing harm. Latex paints, simply sit on the surface they are applied to while mineral based paints petrify and become one with the surface.  With a non breathable surface, such as a wall painted with latex paint, bacteria has the ability to turn into mold, therefore, causing more health issues.  ROMA coverings actually prevent mold from forming because moisture is not trapped under their surface,  a healthier alternative for all occupants.

Which product would you choose for your wellbeing?

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