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Is Your Home Making You Sick?
If you are one of the 23 million Americans currently suffering from Asthma, the answer could be yes. What is sad is that 7.1 million of these sufferers are children.
A lot of Americans may not realize that their indoor environment is an unhealthy one. A recent report for the National Institute of Health called, “Healthy Environments: A compilation of Substances Linked to Asthma”, provides us with a very thorough list of substances that could be making you sick. “The List” is long so clicked on this link, NIH AsthmaReport 2012, to view when you have time.
There are 374 asthmagens that make up “The List”, substances such as aldehydes, chromium, phthalates, plastics and hard metals, to name only a few.  75 of these substances are found in paint and adhesives alone which are ubiquitous in our indoor environments.  Many people are unaware of the off-gassing caused by new carpet, a fresh coat of paint, or even a new piece of furniture but many of the substances found on this list are used to produce these household items.  As well, a lot of the substances on this list are no longer used in other countries, for example, in the European Union.
Our goal with ROMABIO Eco-Sustainable Building Products, is to raise the standards of the products that you put on your walls and floors to create harmony with your health and nature as well. The VOC and chemical content of our products are the lowest in the industry and will be labeled according to the standards of the European Union and the Kyoto Protocol. We also guarantee that there are no APEOs or PEGs in any of our products.

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