Our Difference

We believe in doing no harm to people or the planet.

ROMABIO Has A New Vision & Perspective For The Paint Industry.

Our products are BIO (bio-logical), made from nature. They are not acrylic or latex paints. Our products are derived from minerals and eco-sustainable resources … not petroleum resources. We spent years collaborating with biologists and chemists to create our innovative finishes and figured out how to use ancient paint technologies to adhere to modern surfaces using a clean, modern, mineral based technology – the newest technology since the introduction and proliferation of petroleum based products.

No other paint company has done this. Even those that say they are organic, eco-friendly or green are still referring to acrylic or petroleum based products that may contain petrochemicals, phthalates, biocides, high levels of TVOC, and always a certain amount of VOC. A mineral paint is a game changer for healthy environments and a healthy planet. Our paints are non-toxic and do not cause or aggravate asthma, do not contribute to Sick Building Syndrome, do not cause cancer or affect immune systems, and are hypoallergenic.

Take A Closer Look

ROMABIO Mineral Paint Works Completely Different Than Acrylic.


  • Our mineral paints’ micro-crystalline structure allows air and moisture vapor to permeate through the surface into the substrate, providing a healthy exchange of air.
  • Our mineral paints provide up to 95% permeability when applied to non-painted virgin product surfaces.


  • Because of the micro-crystalline bond formed by our mineral paints, they create a more durable coating.
  • Durable coatings mean less frequent applications of paint, saving material and labor costs, as well as reducing carbon footprint.

Luminosity & Color

  • Because of dynamic color refraction due to the high mineral content, our color palates are more vibrant and beautiful providing more depth and light.
  • Using natural, earth oxide tints allows UV stability and provides decades of endurance without color loss unlike acrylic which can show significant fading over time.

Mold Resistance

  • Due to high mineral content and natural high alkalinity, our mineral paints are inherently resistant to mold and fungal growth.
  • Because of acrylic paints molecular structure and lower PH, they are more prone to grow mold.

Odorless & Toxin Free

  • Our mineral paints contain no solvents, ultra-low TVOC, odorless, and have no toxic emissions.
  • Acrylic paints can contain a combination of solvents, petrochemicals, phthalates, and biocides, and always a certain amount of VOC and TVOC.


  • Our mineral paints are inherently non-combustible and have excellent resistance as well as reaction to fire.
  • Acrylic paints contain petrochemicals and acrylic, which are more likely to burn in a fire.


  • Potassium silicate is the primary binder in our mineral paints – a natural, raw material.
  • Acrylic paints are derived from a chemical process of petrol refinement to create resin that when mixed with certain coalescing agents creates a paint product.

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