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With two children and two dogs, a clean modern look with a touch of glamour seemed inconceivable.  Interior Designer, Nancy Duffey turned to ROMA to prove otherwise.  The interiors are still in their early stages but we were interested in capturing the look of ROMA’s finishes without any distractions.

foyer px

As you enter the home through the foyer your eye is drawn immediately to the open family room/breakfast room and kitchen.  The walls throughout the main floor of the home are painted the same color using ROMA’s EcoDomus Matte paint.  ROMA is able to match just about any color you can imagine, and in this case it was Farrow & Ball’s “All White”.

floor detail 72

 The homeowners chose a matte finish for the floors because of all of the traffic created by their young sons and their dogs.  This finish was made in a two step process using ROMA’s EcoCer Stain and EcoCer Matte Varnish.   Both products are “low impact”, which means they are eco sustainable, comprised of  inert binders and non-toxic, low impact chemicals.   The result is a finish that stands up to a lot of a wear and tear.

sitting room 72

This sitting room is located at the front of the house to the right of the main foyer.  The EcoDomus Matte paint has a beautiful sheen that reflects all of the natural light in the home.  ROMA’s EcoDomus paint contains at least 50% natural ingredients with the remainder comprised of low impact, non toxic chemicals, and inert binders.

dining q1 72

The dining room is to the left of the foyer.  An arched entryway leads to the butler’s pantry and into the kitchen.  ROMA’s paint provides a beautiful backdrop for the couple’s artwork.

overall living 72

Here is an overall view of the living and breakfast room.  Three sets of iron french doors by Rod Gibson open to the patio.

fireplace 72

A combination of ROMA’s paint and natural light shows off the curves of the fireplace.

kitchen 1 72

The kitchen is located at the opposite end of the living area.

hood 2 72

A close-up of the hood and surrounding wall

butlers pantry 72

A butler’s pantry is located in the arched hallway that connects the dining room and kitchen.

side entry72

 The side entry to the house featuring the stair hall

stair 1 72

A close-up of the EcoCer stained stair treads, painted risers, and newel post & handrail

master 72

The master bedroom also features french doors and windows by Rod Gibson.

detail 2 72

A view to the painted brick exterior

rear french 72

The exterior of the home was painted with ROMA’s BioCalce Classico, a limewash paint.  This product has a beautiful sheen that reflects light and adds dimension.  Our BioCalce Classico is organic and prohibits the growth of bacteria, which further inhibits mold.

Spires 10 copy

A side view of the painted brick exterior

Spires 8

The front of the home

The awning and iron details at the french doors on the front of the house are by Charles Calhoun of Calhoun Metalworks.

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