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··········   July 22nd, 2010   ··········

By John E Holmes, Plaster Specialist in the UK

With modern interior design it is all too easy to be consumed with furnishing a space with object d’art, and to ignore the wonderful simplicity of turning the whole structure of the room into a work of art. Marmorino polished plasters have an inherent beauty echoing back to the age of the masters, that bring forth wondrous beauty and ubiquitous elegance.

The natural vista which catches the eye of the beholder is derived from the age old process of combining carefully selected white carrara marble, aged and slaked lime with earth oxide and pigments. The lengthy process of skillfully laying successive coats of precious marble plaster is given to the artisan. This fabulous craftsmanship is laudable in it’s own ingenuity, creating wall finishes which are breathtaking ornate with an elegant refinement.

Like with an alchemist of forgotten times, the rich pliant mixture of lime and marble is transformed by the trowel into a seamless segment of fabulous marble. A work of art for the world to see, created bespoke to the directions of the designer and composed with a captivating enchantment by the artisan. The precision one finds with a polished plaster work in situ, immediately sets the tone, consummate with an impeccable perfection.

Throughout time it has been the marriage of the needs and imagination of the designer with the skill of the artisan, shown in commissions across the world, which have now inspired others to tread this chosen path. Let the accomplishments of the masters be your benchmark and guide you to your own remarkable creations with marmorino.

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