··········   March 6th, 2014   ··········

ROMA was created as a manufacturing company to resolve an enigma that had been hindering the forward trends in natural building systems ability to create healthy environments. Why not use natural materials in the environments where we spend the most time?

ROMA did develop natural paints and plasters, that from its conception in 2009, exceeded intent with regards to USGBC, C2C, HBN, REACH, to help provide a solution to this very question. For several years ROMA has struggled to promote its mission because there has been no framework to define our specific marketing claims. This struggle continues as we are still missing basic definitions and framework for what defines natural, eco sustainable, biodegradable, hypo allergenic, asthma free, organic, etc. The solution is there, we have the science. We have the material solution to make these types of products.

Since almost the 1850’s, paint was no longer healthy or natural, and was particularly compromised in regards to breathable wall systems because of the rampant use of additives and chemicals to formulate product, reducing permeability as a result. The world-wide manufacturing of unhealthy paint science compromised not only the breathable wall envelopes but more importantly, compromised health standards for every living individual, every living thing, and the very planet we live on.

ROMA is pioneering research and development, as it relates to product health and the cumulative build up of chemical content in the human endocrine system and plant, animal and environmental systems over the long and short term.  We are pushing the national discussion on parameters regarding full disclosure and transparency, for health and environmental areas.

We can now offer scientific confirmation for many of our marketing claims with the toxicity report generated by Toxservices.  The Toxicology Risk Assessment Report examines some of the claims made by ROMA to identify the health and environmental benefits and that as far as we are aware, have never been claimed, much less examined by any paint manufacturer anywhere in the world. This is our commitment and determination to provide FULL DISCLOSURE for our customers regarding their well being as well as that of the environment and the planet. Paint may seem an insignificant aspect for health and the environment, but it is not and we are very serious about providing a solution to make your lives, your homes, and your working environments safer, healthier, and prosperous. Join us and participate in one of the greatest technological advancements ever achieved for making your world a safer and healthier place to be.



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