Category: Mineral Paints
··········   May 27th, 2011   ··········

We want to thank NHabitation. They are a local project management group that specializes in Aging-in-Place, Downsizing, Organizing and space planning. Last Fall they posted this recommendation based on a project that was completed for a family in Decatur, GA. Thanks Eileen!

I recently had a couple (clients) come to me for help in choosing the paint colors for the interior of their home. Being savvy people and being very invested in finding colors to compliment them and their home, this took a while! In addition, these clients are going more and more ‘green’.

Off I went to investigate the latest and greatest in low VOC paints – only to land on a place called ROMA. Great little showroom off of 17th Street in Atlanta. The paints are Italian – either lime wash or potassium silicate. They are very low VOC, are made from the earth (no plastics), do not off-gas – and they are not all that much more than high-grade ‘plastic’ based paints!

The paint process takes a painter just a little while to learn, as it involves diluting the paints depending on the coat (primer, first, second). But, both the painter in this case and the clients are thrilled with the results!

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