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··········   August 25th, 2010   ··········

ROMA is featured in a unique way this month in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. Our Lime Wash paint was used to paint beams that add a stunning touch to this beautiful home in Atlanta.

Architect D. Stanley Dixon and designer Betty Burgess team up to create a winning design for Atlanta Brave Derek Lowe

Although the Lime Wash was only used on the beams, we think it shows the versatility of Lime Wash. It’s not just for walls you see.

Beams are used thoughtout the home.

Beams are used throughout the home. Here they are in the Kitchen.

The stunning living space is divided in two, but the unifying element? The beams of course.

Providing a rustic flair to eclectic design, ROMA Lime Wash not only makes it easy but petroleum free.

ROMA Lime Wash Beams create a soothing tone for living spaces.

The beams create a cohesive look for two spaces in one.

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