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If you look back, maybe five years ago, the concept of taking your own bags into the grocery store was just that, a concept.  Now it is second nature; we keep them in our car and we are usually more surprised to see someone leaving the store with a cart full of plastic, petroleum based bags.

Hopefully, in less than 5 years, mineral based paint will become the norm.  It is commendable that some of the well known paint producers are creating a product with less impact on the environment, however, mineral based paints by ROMA have one of the best organic footprints from production to disposal.

Just like plastic bags, most paints, are made with polymers that are harmful to the  environment.  Both, if not disposed of properly, can sit in landfills for hundreds of years before biodegrading.  Mineral Paints are derived from the earth, bond naturally with the surfaces they are painted on, encourage air flow in and out of buildings (permeability) and break down naturally over hundreds of years.  They also improve your well being.

Until mineral paints and plasters do become a household name, we thank the designers and architects who have used our products, for exposing how visually stunning our paints and plasters can be.

  • I think most people are hesitant to try more eco-friendly paints because they don’t think the paint will work, or that there won’t be a large enough colour selection.

    It would be really interesting to see a major home decor magazine do a feature on a home painted with more environmentally-friendly paint. I think that could convince a few people to give this paint a try.

    – John Watson, Waste Diversion Education Coordinator, Halton Region
    BLOG; TWITTER @HaltonRecycles

    • Hi, thank you so much for responding to our post. You will be so pleasantly surprised when you see pictures of rooms painted with our products. 90% of the homes where our paints and plasters are being used are valued at 3 million and up and have been featured in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles and Beautiful Homes over the past 5 years. We will be featured in Architectural Digest and Veranda in the near future. Our clients are typically interested in the aesthetics, unlimited variety of colors, durability, cost, and environmental friendliness. The durability and ease of use are just a few of the main reasons why mineral paints are the #1 selling paint in Western Europe. Although they are distributed across the globe, North America and South America have a very limited distribution but we are hoping to change that. Look back at the last 4 or 5 posts and you will see examples of San Marco products.

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