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The topic of VOC content in paints is mentioned in plenty of blogs today along with the names of companies who make them. I read a recent post that described one paint brand as having low and zero VOC content, low in odor, eco friendly and water based. Another brand was described as water based, non-toxic, non-flammable and virtually odorless. Some said “environmentally friendly” or “ultra low odor”. Never are all of these words associated with one brand or manufacturer.

ROMA Lime Washes, Stuccos, Venetian and Marmorino Plasters, Indoor Wall Paints are completely free of VOCs, APEOs, PEGs and formaldehyde. These same products are flame retardant, are of industrial strength and odorless.  In essence, most of these plaster and paint products are classified internationally as “organic”.  

Interior designers and Architects are embracing our products for their aesthetic quality, color luminosity,  durability and cost effectiveness.  Professional installers choose us because our products are geared toward architectural coverings for professionals.  

Homeowners and the architectural community come to ROMA because we offer a full range of product options for interior and exterior plaster, wood, metal and masonry.  San Marco has the largest inventory of organic and earth friendly products available in the United States.

Take a look at how our products can be used outside and throughout your home, and not just on your walls. 

Lime Wash on Exterior Brick

Interior Stucco Walls

 Wood finishes for Walls and Floors

Plaster Surround for Kitchen Hood

Wood Mantle Piece treated with Wood Finish

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