Category: Limewash
··········   September 24th, 2012   ··········

ROMA wall and floor coverings are ideal for public spaces because of their durability and low maintenance.  For example, take a look at these pictures of Wofford College, located in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

ROMA was used on the exterior of this student facility and was selected for this project because of it’s low to no maintenance, which confirms our product is ideal for educational facilities as well as government buildings and even hospitals.

ROMA finishes, paints and plasters stand up to the heavy foot traffic and mother nature.  Not only are the products durable and very low maintenance, there is virtually no smell.

The bottom line is that ROMA can create a healthier environment for the public while providing resilient surfaces for businesses.

ROMA products might be a little more expensive but the application costs are dramatically lower. Typically, in places of business, paint or other wall and floor coverings have to be applied before or after business hours which results in expensive labor costs. These finishes can be applied anytime without overwhelming fumes.

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