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In all of the Interior Design and Architecture trade magazines we see beautiful stains and custom finishes on beams, floors, walls and cabinets. While some of them feature rooms where ROMA products have been used, others don’t. You can get these same results by using our products but with less smell and no toxic chemicals.

 I came across this room in House Beautiful.

Now take a look at this room in a home where our products were used on the Gulf Coast.

ROMA BioMarmorino was used throughout the interior of this home. Beams were finished using a combination of ROMA stain, lime wash and varnish. The Interiors of this home were designed by Jackye Lanham and the Architecture by Summerour and Associates Architects. This photograph is from Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles and was photographed by Erica George Dines.

This richly painted Dining Room, which I also found in House Beautiful, was designed by Jonathan Berger .

Photograph by Francesco Lagnese

While used in a different room, the same feel was achieved.  These rich colored walls were painted with ROMA BioDomus Matte washable paint.

One last example I had to share is this room with reclaimed wood throughout.

This beautiful kitchen was designed by McAlpine Tankersly, I found it on Pinterest.

This kitchen, featured in a Better Homes and Gardens Beautiful Kitchens and Baths Issue uses all finishes by ROMA and has a similar feel to the previous kitchen with all of the natural wood.  Interior Design by Beth Webb and Architecture by Peter Block.

Come visit us at our studio where you can customize your own colors and get the look you want throughout your home.

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