Category: BioDomus I
··········   June 6th, 2012   ··········

Our good friend Lisa Vail writes for Jetson Green, which recently featured her own green home.  ROMA products were used throughout the project, interior paint and stucco, so we couldn’t wait to get this out to our readers.

One thing of importance that goes unmentioned at times is the difference in our natural mineral, low voc paints when compared to other brands.  All of our products, from Lime wash, Stucco, potassium silicate wall paints and exterior paints to floor varnishes, are the products of choice for these types of homes .

Take a look at Lisa’s living room painted with ROMA’s BioDomus paint.  This paint is an organic quality potassium silicate paint and both our BioDomus Superflat and BioDomus Matte (washable) were used exclusively on the interior walls of this home.

The exterior stucco used was made with a natural lime cement scratch and base and finished with our BioCement GF.

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