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··········   June 15th, 2012   ··········

ROMA is proud to be present in The Optimist, the new Seafood restaurant by Ford Fry. Our products were used to achieve the beautiful finish of the Oyster Bar, our blue paint was carefully concocted for the blue striped tables, and our varnishes were used to seal the striped, painted tables, and the bar and floors.  The Interiors were designed by Smith Hanes.

The artisans responsible for using our products on these beautiful additions to the restaurant and bar are as follows:

Chris Hagen, and the talented artisans at ID Lab – the blue striped tables

Bud Ferguson of Custom Hardwoods, Ltd – floors

Skylar Morgan, Skyler Morgan Furniture and Design – the Oyster Bar.

I have borrowed a few photos from their site and credited the photographer take a peak.

above: photo by Andrew Thomas Lee

above:  photo by Andrew Thomas Lee

ROMA is ideal for environments like The Optimist Restaurant. The floors stand up to the heavy foot traffic and the varnishes, custom made for the restaurant, resist stains from glasses and bottles on the bar and tables.  Not only are the products durable and very low maintenance, there is virtually no smell. When is the last time you smelled varnish and how did the room smell in which it was used?

These finishes can be applied anytime without taking away your appetite or interrupting your business.  Typically, in places of business, paint or other wall and floor coverings have to be applied before or after business hours which results in expensive labor costs.

The bottom line is that ROMA can create an aesthetically pleasing  and healthier environment while providing resilient surfaces for businesses and public places.

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