··········   August 7th, 2012   ··········

This look was achieved using San USA wood stain, lime wash (antica calce), Velatura and high traffic, high quality varnish (Vernice) applied on cypress wood.

ROMABIO stain is formulated to have zero chemical content using natural pigments for tinting.

Our Varnish is made with top of the curve, new technology that contains less than 38 grams per liter VOC content.  It is the cleanest, non-yellowing, lowest solvent content in the world.  This varnish is a sealer and finish, that penetrates the cellulose fibers of the wood, providing maximum durability,  strength, and beauty. All floor varnishes typically are top coat products, that do not soak into the wood fibers but sit on top of the wood. This is the difference in using a product like San Marco USA that has both high-tech engineering and beautiful finishes.

Both stain and varnish are furniture grade and made for high traffic areas as well as protect the surface from oil and water stains. These products are made to be applied with ease by professional applicators.


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