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··········   July 12th, 2012   ··········

We hope you are hungry because we have yet another restaurant you have to visit!  Lure Restaurant, the Fifth Group’s latest addition, will open on July 17th, to the public, and features ROMA Marmorino.  Located in Midtown, on Crescent Avenue, it is replacing the old Vickery’s.  The restaurant’s Interiors were designed by Interior Design Firm, Peace Design, Ai3 Architects was responsible for the renovation to the existing structure, and the Marmorino finish applied by Struttura.  Our marmorino can be seen on the walls throughout the restaurant and in the bathrooms.  For protection from water and other moisture, our Ecocer Interior varnish was applied over the Marmorino in the bathrooms for longevity.

Be sure to visit The Optimist and Lure and see how these products look in person as well as how they are performing in high traffic areas.

 photograph by Andrew Thomas Lee
photgraph by Brittany Wages
 Photograph by Andrew Thomas Lee
photograph by Andrew Thomas Lee
 photograph by Brittany Wages

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