The Perfect Paint For Masonry

Choose the finish you want with the best paints ever created for masonry.

Masonry Paints

Have you been told to never paint your brick or masonry home?

Have you thought about updating the exterior of your home with paint but don’t know where to start? Have you been told to never paint brick, stone, or other masonry surfaces?

Imagine if you could paint the exterior of your brick home with an organic, breathable, and extremely durable paint that would be low maintenance so you can instantly update your look.

Designed for high-performance and specially made for masonry.

ROMABIO has specially formulated our mineral and lime paints for brick, stone, concrete, and other masonry surfaces. They are the only paints that will give you a beautiful and natural flat, chalky, or antique limewash finish without sacrificing the durability, longevity, and low maintenance that you love about your brick.

Mineral and lime paint products are not new, and have been used largely in Europe and Asia for centuries. Historically they last up to 50 years and are the most durable and high-performing paints available for masonry.

Most paints recommended for brick and masonry surfaces are acrylic based products. Acrylic paints are not natural or breathable. They are created from acrylic resins which is a petroleum based product and they act more like plastic when applied to a surface. They prohibit breathability and because of their molecular structure, they can create damage to certain surface types, including brick. They can also peel or chip, and to keep the same look over time, you have to repaint every 3 – 7 years.

Brick is a natural and breathable building material that allows water vapor to easily permeate, and holds up structurally better than other materials. Builders, architects, and homeowners love brick, because it is low maintenance, eco-friendly, structurally strong, and has a beautiful look. Three out of five homeowners prefer brick more than any other exterior material.

Masonry Paints

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Masonry Paints

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Because painting your brick with acrylic paint means you are covering it up with a plastic like material, it can create structural damage, while also creating more maintenance. The old rhetoric of never painting brick has a lot of truth to it, but everyone is painting brick.

But you can choose the best, specifically formulated mineral based paint designed for brick and masonry surfaces and not sacrifice anything you love about it. With ROMABIO Mineral and Lime paints, you won’t have to worry about repainting every 3 – 7 years; the paint will not peel, chip, or flake off; the paint is Organic and Eco-sustainable; and you will still get the beauty and updated look you desire.


Pick the finish for the look you want.

If you want a Flat & Solid Finish with a specific color in mind for painted look – choose our BioDomus I or BioDomus II, as they are the best choice for durability for any masonry surface, and they can be tinted with our natural, earth color oxides in almost any color.

Masonry Paints

If you want an Antique Limewash Finish that gives you that white wash off look – we are the exclusive manufacturer of an authentic slaked-lime paint from Northern Italy – BioCalce Classico. It gives you the European ageless beauty you want and you can choose from our Limewash color palette of curated whites, beiges and a gray or match a color you have in mind. Other paints or processes cannot easily create this look – only real slaked-lime paint can give it authenticity and the beauty you desire.

Masonry Paints

Or if you want a Chalky & Opaque Finishyou will love our BioCalce Flat Lime paint that creates a flat finish for that old world European look. It has a slightly different finish than the BioDomus I & II because it is lime based, but it still has the durability and performance you want. It can be tinted with over 200 colors from the ROMABIO color deck or match a color you have in mind.

Masonry Paints

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