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We created the best paint for brick and masonry surfaces. Yes, we are biased, but there are reasons our masonry paint outperforms anything else in the market.

Brick is a made from clay, sand, lime, and/or other mineral based materials. Our paints is also made from mineral based materials with potassium silicate as the main binder. These means when you put our mineral based paints on brick and masonry, it allows the brick to breath, and the natural ingredients calcify to it creating a long-lasting paint surface that is extremely durable, and won’t peel, chip or flake off.

Acrylic paint, which is petroleum based, is more like plastic. It will not bond to the surface in the same way, and it will eventually begin to chip and peel off. It looks shiny, as it is not a natural, mineral product.

Brick is a loved building material by many because it is a low maintenance, natural material that is environmentally friendly, and attractive. But now, you can get the painted look you want without sacrificing the durability, longevity, and low maintenance that you love about brick.

Breathable | Excellent Coverage | Naturally Mold-Resistant

ROMABIO masonry paints are easy to use and are applied like other paints, but painting contractors love them because they are only a one to two coat process, and do not need an additional primer. You dampen the surface prior to painting saving time in prep work as well. Compared to acrylic paint systems, mineral and limewash paints will last longer, giving owners a high return on their investment.

If you want a painted brick or masonry look, check out ROMABIO masonry paints and find the perfect paint for your next project.

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