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Today, children are growing up with complex environmental threats to their health, like asthma and sick building syndrome (SBS), because of their smaller body mass size and developing organs.

ROMABIO has become a member of the Collaborative for High CHPS-CMYK-MemberPerformance Schools® (CHPS) and has listed on their product database because we believe in their mission.

CHPS® is a non-profit dedicated to making schools a better place to learn. When children have access to the best and healthiest environment possible, they can achieve more success.

Healthy indoor air environment is a large factor in a healthy school building. ROMABIO paints are mineral based and are derived from natural and sustainable resources, unlike acrylic based products that are made from petroleum, making them different than even the other Zero VOC paints in the industry and contributing to the best possible indoor air.

ROMABIO paints are proven to be low-emitting by passing CA1350; the only paint in the world to be Cradle To Cradle Certified™ (C2C) v3.0; and have an A+ French VOC emissions rating.

While ROMABIO mineral paints are absolute Zero VOC and ultra-low TVOC, they have other features that enhance schools unlike any other paint:

  • Naturally mold-resistant
  • Free of asthma causing chemicals
  • Highest standard in Material Health
  • Food, oil, grease, and stain proof
  • Easy to wash without the use of harsh chemicals or solvents
  • Low carbon footprint with a concentrated formula

Mineral paints have a molecular crystalline shape and high pH level, creating a naturally mold resistant environment. Our customers have found they can reduce repaints due to mold growth, all while saving costs compared to using other acrylic paints with added toxic biocides or anti-microbial.

Our paints are toxin-free and have none of the chemicals on the Declare Red List (Living Building Challenge), meeting the highest standard in Material Health.

ROMABIO paint is high performing, durable, and easy to use. It is the perfect solution to a high traffic school environment helping create the healthiest interior environment possible for our children. ROMABIO is creating a new standard in the paint industry and we are proud to support CHPS.

This blog post is not endorsed by or a division or affiliate of CHPS. These products are provided by ROMABIO, not CHPS.

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